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The A11Y Collective Blog

Stay up to date about the ins & outs of Web Accessibility!

A list of blog articles

  • HTML Accessibility: Programming with an Inclusive Perspective

    Web accessibility is about building digital spaces that are inclusive and navigable for everyone, regardless of their abilities. It’s like constructing a building with ramps and elevators alongside stairs – it ensures that everyone, regardless of how they move, can access every floor.

  • Improving Icon Usability and Accessibility: 6 Valuable Tips

    Icons are more than mere visual elements; they are the universal language that bridges users and interfaces across the globe. However, as we celebrate the diversity of our audience, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that these symbols are visually appealing, universally accessible, and usable.

  • Incorporating Skip to Main Content Links for Better Website Accessibility

    Boost your website’s accessibility. Understand & implement ‘Skip to Main Content’ links for an inclusive web experience, better SEO & legal compliance.

  • The Importance of Tooltips in Web Accessibility: A Rundown

    Imagine navigating a new city without street signs or a map; that’s the internet without tooltips for many users. These nifty little helpers, often taken for granted, are sprinkled throughout web pages, offering nuggets of information when you hover over buttons, links, form fields, and more.

  • The Accessibility Collective

    The term “a11y” is becoming more popular, especially among those who focus on accessibility. While it might look like a strange code at first, it’s just a shorter way of saying “accessibility”.

  • Interview with Wouter: I am stronger than stuttering

    Our colleague Wouter stutters, a disability that is not often mentioned in the well-known list of disabilities. What is the impact of stuttering on Wouter’s life, and how can we best support him?

  • Interview with Lilly: Two different socks

    Yoga, good for the body and soul. I love it, a moment of reflection, drinking tea afterwards with interesting conversations. Like with Lilly Pagrach. Purple hair, cheerful, sun-tanned face and …

  • How to activate keyboard navigation on MacOS

    To ensure complete keyboard navigation of all focusable interactive elements in MacOS Safari and Firefox, it is necessary to make the following adjustments to your keyboard settings. Note: The settings …

  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023

    The A11Y Collective is the e-learning platform for anyone who wants to learn more about web accessibility. We offer IAAP approved courses on accessibility basics, accessible design, code and content and we offer masterclasses and advanced coding courses. On Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) we want to give everyone the chance to enroll in one of our courses by letting you decide the price yourself.

  • Accessible heading structure

    Heading levels have meaning, especially for screen reader users and search engines. That means one unique first level heading per page, with the other headings representing the page content similar to the index of a book: easily scannable and semantic.