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Making the web accessible is a team effort.

True web accessibility encompasses design, code, copy, and the user journey. As a business, harnessing each of these elements requires the right training. Let us be your guide. We offer web accessibility courses tailored for businesses, ensuring every team member has the skills needed to champion a universally accessible web.

Why accessibility matters

Whether you represent a bustling digital marketing agency or a vast enterprise with an internal web team, the question isn’t if you’ll be asked about website accessibility, but when. Instead of being on the receiving end of the query, be proactive. Assure your clients or management that your website isn’t just accessible—it’s a gold standard. How? By ensuring your team is trained, certified, and wholly dedicated to creating a universally accessible web.

The tangible benefits of accessibility

  • Higher conversion rates: Accessible websites record substantially higher user engagement and conversion rates.
  • Enhanced user experience: An inclusive site ensures a seamless experience for all users, irrespective of their abilities.
  • Superior website quality: Accessibility means cleaner, more reliable code that’s future-proof.
  • SEO advantages: Search engines like Google favour accessible websites, boosting your site’s ranking potential.

The regulatory landscape

There’s an evolving legislative landscape to consider. Depending on where your business is headquartered, web accessibility isn’t just a best practice—it’s the law. Numerous countries are tightening web accessibility regulations, making it crucial to be ahead of the curve.

Exclusive group discounts

Investing in web accessibility as a team has its rewards. Enjoy tiered group discounts to ensure larger teams benefit from our courses whilst saving:

  • 10 to 49 persons: 20% off
  • 50 to 100 persons: 25% off
  • More than 100 persons: 30% off

Equip your entire team with the knowledge and skills to champion an inclusive web. The more you enrol, the more you save!

So, how does it work?

Step 1: Your team’s structure, experience, and expertise

Share details about your team’s structure, experience, and expertise. It might be that your junior designer is well-acquainted with accessibility from their university courses, whilst your senior developer is just beginning their journey into web accessibility.

Step 2: Customised training program

Based on your team’s background and your company’s specific needs, we’ll design a customised training programme for each member. Our goal is to strike the perfect balance, selecting the most appropriate courses to ensure the best fit for every individual and the broader company objectives.

Step 3: Offer

Once you’ve had the opportunity to review, and after any necessary refinements to the training programme, you’ll receive a personalised offer in your inbox. Should you choose to proceed, we’ll consolidate the charges into a single invoice, payable via wire transfer or credit card.

Step 4: Start courses

We’ll send you detailed instructions along with coupon codes. This allows each team member to enrol at their own pace, accessing the courses outlined in their bespoke training programme. And the cherry on top? On completing the courses, each participant will be awarded a certificate to mark their achievement.

Ready to begin? Let us know more about your team’s structure, ambitions, and experiences. We’ll craft a training programme tailored to your needs and provide our expert recommendations.

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