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Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions apply to the online courses and information provided by the A11Y Collective via this website to you.


The A11Y Collective offers online course content relating to web accessibility. Course content may change at any time. Also, courses may be withdrawn at any time, subject to thirty days prior notice.


The A11Y Collective holds the copyright for the content of the online courses. Course content may only be used by one person within an organization. Further use, copying or distribution is strictly prohibited.


The A11Y Collective will try our best to ensure content is always available. However, we cannot make guarantees in this regard. If the content is not available, please contact us immediately.


For access to course content fees must be paid in advance. The A11Y Collective may change prices at any time.


You shall not provide the A11Y Collective with any personal data (EU/GDPR) or personally identifiable information (USA) unless specifically authorized beforehand. If you do, you shall fully indemnify the A11Y Collective for all costs and damages associated with its processing and removal, including administrative fines and costs of secure deletion.

Limitation of liability

Except in case of intentional misconduct or gross negligence, the A11Y Collective accepts no liability for any damages caused in connection with the services under this agreement. This includes but is not limited to damages in the form of data loss, failure to operate, lost revenue or missed profits.


Upon receipt of the applicable payment, courses can be entered. If courses are deleted (always with a thirty days prior notice) or if the A11Y Collective won’t continue it’s services as described in these terms & conditions, you will no longer have access to the courses.

Law and venue

Any disputes in connection with this agreement are governed by Dutch law and must be brought before a court in the Netherlands.