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  • Writing accessible content for the web

    Writing accessible content for the web

    • animations
    • content
    • images
    • WCAG
    • writing
    • Medior

    As a writer or content manager for the web, you have the possibility to make the web more accessible every day. And if you are ready to broaden your skills and learn how to create accessible content for everyone, then this course is definitely for you!

    Course by Rian Rietveld
    Course by Rian Rietveld
  • Web accessibility, the basics

    Web accessibility, the basics

    • code
    • content
    • design
    • legislation
    • responsibilities
    • testing
    • Beginner

    In this course we provide you with a broad overview about what web accessibility is, we explain more about the guidelines and teach you how to implement them in your work. You will get plenty of tips and tricks that you can directly put into practice!

    Course by Rian Rietveld
    Course by Rian Rietveld
  • Try-out Class

    Try-out Class

    • guidelines
    • legislation
    • try before your buy
    • web accessibility
    • Beginner

    Are you curious about what the A11Y Collective has to offer to you? Then enroll in this Try-out Class and experience it for yourself. It’s free and it is awesome! The A11Y Collective could be your new home base for all there is to know about web accessibility. Have fun!

    Course by several teachers