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Try-out Class

Are you curious about what the A11Y Collective has to offer to you? Then enroll in this Try-out Class and experience it for yourself. It's free and it is awesome! The A11Y Collective could be your new home base for all there is to know about web accessibility. Have fun!

In this try-out class you’ll experience several lessons and topics of the different courses we offer. All to help you to get a better idea about what you get once you enroll in one of our courses.

All of our courses include videos in which our trainers explain more about Web Accessibility in relation to a specific topic. Everything that we teach is available in text as well. And at the end of a lesson or a topic you will get a test to see if you understood what was taught (and to train your brain!). Completed the whole class? Then you’ll get a try-out certificate (it’s an example, for the real deal you have to finish one of our courses ? ).

So.. are you ready to see if the A11Y Collective will indeed be your new home base for all there is to know about web accessibility? Then enroll now!


Meet your trainers

Rian Rietveld

Rian Rietveld is an authority in the field of web accessibility. For many years now, she has performed accessibility audits and shared her knowledge and skills by providing training for developers, website owners, and website editors.


Want to contribute to the A11Y Collective as well by becoming one of our teachers?