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Rian Rietveld

Specialist web accessibility at Level Level and trainer at the A11Y Collective.

Rian Rietveld is an authority in the field of web accessibility. For many years now, she has performed accessibility audits and shared her knowledge and skills by providing training for developers, website owners, and website editors.

Articles written by Rian Rietveld

  • Interview with Wouter: I am stronger than stuttering

    Our colleague Wouter stutters, a disability that is not often mentioned in the well-known list of disabilities. What is the impact of stuttering on Wouter’s life, and how can we best support him?

  • Interview with Lilly: Two different socks

    Yoga, good for the body and soul. I love it, a moment of reflection, drinking tea afterwards with interesting conversations. Like with Lilly Pagrach. Purple hair, cheerful, sun-tanned face and …

  • How to activate keyboard navigation on MacOS

    To ensure complete keyboard navigation of all focusable interactive elements in MacOS Safari and Firefox, it is necessary to make the following adjustments to your keyboard settings. Note: The settings …

  • Accessible heading structure

    Heading levels have meaning, especially for screen reader users and search engines. That means one unique first level heading per page, with the other headings representing the page content similar to the index of a book: easily scannable and semantic.

  • How to write great alt texts

    Images are great. But what if you cannot see the image? Then the information on the images can be shared with an alternative text.

  • How accessible are online stores?

    Can someone who is blind order the weekly groceries? Can someone who can’t use a mouse buy a new winter coat without having to leave the house?

  • The first rule of ARIA

    What is Aria? ARIA stands for Accessible Rich Internet Applications—attributes of elements of HTML. There are two kinds of ARIA attributes: ARIA attributes can make or break the accessibility of …

  • How to test for web accessibility: an introduction

    Guidelines To properly test your site for accessibility, you need guidelines. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). There are three levels: A is for basic accessibility, AA is the global …

  • Automated accessibility testing, a few scenarios

    How reliable is automated accessibility testing? What can you test automatically? Unfortunately, not everything—at least not yet.It is estimated that, at the moment, automated accessibility testing will help youroot out …

  • Every input needs a label

    How can you help your user filling in an online form? By always making the label of a form control visible and connected! Rian explains how.

  • Creating the perfect link

    There’s more to a link than just a clickable word or image. So, how do you create the perfect link? Rian tells you in our blog!

  • “Blind people don’t visit my website.”

    We tend to develop and design for perfect people in a perfect environment. But should we? Web accessibility is about you!

  • What does accessible code mean for the end user?

    Writing accessible code is just the right thing to do. For yourself, your colleagues, but actually for everyone using your website. Read why!