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Accessibility Training for Digital Marketers

Accessibility training for digital marketers

Are you a digital marketer looking to optimize your online campaigns and reach a broader audience? Gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive accessibility training for digital marketers at A11y Collective. In today’s inclusive digital landscape, accessibility plays a crucial role in ensuring that your marketing efforts are accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities.

Our training program is specifically tailored to empower digital marketers with the knowledge and skills needed to create inclusive and accessible marketing content.

Enhance Your Digital Marketing Skills with Accessibility Training

During our accessibility training for digital marketers, you’ll learn the fundamentals of web accessibility, including WCAG guidelines, accessible design principles, and techniques for optimizing various digital platforms. Discover how to create accessible social media content, design accessible email campaigns, and develop inclusive landing pages that resonate with all users. Our experienced trainers will provide you with practical strategies to implement accessibility best practices into your marketing strategies, resulting in improved user experiences, increased engagement, and a more inclusive brand image.

Why Digital Marketers Shouldn’t Ignore the Accessibility Training

Limited audience reach

Without taking the accessibility training for digital marketers, you risk missing out on a significant portion of your potential audience. Individuals with disabilities may struggle to access your marketing content, limiting your chances of reaching a wide audience.

Missed conversion opportunities

Ignoring web accessibility can result in lower conversion rates and the loss of potential customers. If your marketing materials are not accessible to people with different disabilities, they will struggle to take action, such as filling out forms, making purchases, or contacting your company.

Negative brand reputation

The lack of accessibility in your digital marketing strategy can lead to a negative brand reputation. People with disabilities may associate your brand with inaccessibility and exclusion, resulting in negative word-of-mouth and reputational damage.

Legal consequences

Failing to comply with accessibility guidelines can lead to legal issues and potential liability. Government agencies and organizations have established laws and regulations to ensure digital accessibility. By not taking this training, you risk fines, lawsuits, and other legal consequences.

Missed competitive advantages

In a competitive digital market, the absence of accessibility in your marketing strategy can put you at a disadvantage compared to competitors who have implemented accessibility. By not taking the training, you risk losing potential customers to competitors who offer accessible marketing content.

Master the WCAG Guidelines: Accessibility Training for Digital Marketers

In our comprehensive Accessibility Training for Digital Marketers, you will gain a deep understanding of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Our expert instructors will guide you through the different WCAG levels and success criteria, teaching you how to implement accessible design and development practices into your digital marketing strategies. You will learn about creating perceivable content, providing robust navigation, ensuring keyboard accessibility, and optimizing your website for assistive technologies. With this training, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make your digital campaigns inclusive and accessible to all users, enhancing user experience and expanding your reach

By investing in accessibility training for digital marketers, you’ll not only expand your professional skill set but also contribute to a more inclusive digital landscape.

Join us at A11y Collective and unlock the power of accessible digital marketing. Boost your reach, engage diverse audiences, and make a lasting impact. Enroll in our accessibility training today and transform your digital marketing approach.

Web Accessibility training; for business

Whether you’re a digital (marketing) agency or a large enterprise with an in-house digital team, sooner or later your client or your manager will ask if ‘our website is fully accessible?’ Don’t wait, but make sure you tell your client or your manager that your website is fully accessible and that your team is trained, certified and doing nothing less than making the web accessible!

Some of the courses we provide

    • code
    • content
    • design
    • legislation
    • responsibilities
    • testing
    • Beginner

    In this course, we provide you with a broad overview of web accessibility, explain more about the guidelines, and teach you how to implement them in your work. You will get plenty of tips and tricks that you can directly put into practice!

    • animations
    • content
    • images
    • WCAG
    • writing
    • Medior

    As a writer or content manager for the web, you can make the web more accessible every day. If you are ready to broaden your skills and learn how to create accessible content for everyone, then this course is definitely for you!

    • animations
    • colour
    • forms
    • modals
    • navigation
    • typography
    • Medior

    A well-designed, accessible website contributes to a better user experience for everyone. So, if you are a digital designer and you want to learn how to create strong, accessible designs according to current guidelines, then you’ve come to the right place!