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Writing accessible content for the web

How do you write understandable and clear web content for everyone?

How do visitors read and how do you ensure that they get the information they are looking for quickly?

Not everyone reads the same way, but everyone benefits from well-structured, comprehensible web content.

Think about readers with dyslexia, who are deaf, or for whom the written language is not their mother tongue. For them, comprehensibility is of great importance.

Also, you do not always read under optimal conditions, undisturbed in a quiet corner.

In this course, you will learn the different ways people read and the problems they encounter understanding text. You will also learn to structure the web texts so that search engines can better index the content of the website. We will show different examples of do and don’ts for good writing.

In the videos, you will see and hear Rian Rietveld, specialist in web accessibility and trainer at the A11y Collective.

Thank you for following this course. We look forward to building a more accessible web together!

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