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Web Accessibility, the business case

The internet empowers people like never before. We are constantly connected. We learn online, meet friends online, play games online, and shop online, to name just a few. Can you imagine a world without the internet?

For most of us, buying a couple of sneakers online is a matter of a couple of minutes – well, that is when you know what you are looking for – . But opening your browser, navigating to your favourite shop, placing an order, and paying online can be done in minutes using a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

However, have you ever considered that this sequence of tasks could be a nightmare for people with certain disabilities? Issues like overly complex or unusable navigation, intrusive pop-ups and banners, insufficient colour contrast, and images without proper descriptions are just some of the unnecessary barriers that render websites and webshops unusable for some.

I firmly believe that we have a moral obligation to create an open and accessible internet that is inclusive for everyone. But even from a business perspective, one doesn’t need to be a genius to understand the value of investing in web accessibility. Inaccessible websites simply leave money on the table.

My name is Taeke Reijenga. I am the CEO of Level Level, a full-service WordPress agency based in the Netherlands, and I’m also the founder of the A11Y Collective. In this course, I invite you to explore with me the business case for web accessibility.

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