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Advanced Accessible Components

We are Florian Schroiff & Fabio Bindels, both front-end web developers at Level Level in Rotterdam. As we deal with the topic of accessibility almost every day in our daily jobs, we thought, why keep this knowledge to ourselves? In this course, we’ll share it with you!

During this course, we will teach you how to build accessible front-end components. You will then be able to use these components to build websites that are accessible to all users. You will learn how to develop in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG for short). Along the way, we want to show you that accessible web development can be fun as well as a real creative challenge!

Our components have been audited by our colleagues Rian Rietveld and Caitlin de Rooij. They have been thoroughly user tested by Tim in ‘t Veld of Blindmobility. All this so you can rest assured that we have followed WCAG guidelines and best practices.

We are going to be working on a website called “Silver Screen Scene” which is a fictional shop specialising in movie posters.

We’ll be addressing the typical practices and widely utilised features of e-commerce sites. Our objective is to assist you in creating and integrating them in a manner that is accessible to all site visitors.

The website’s code is available in our GitHub repository, and we’ll only be using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, without any frameworks. We’re confident that you’ll be able to adapt these basic components to the framework of your preference. You can choose to watch the instructional videos and absorb the material or work on the code as we go along. We suggest that you follow the examples presented in the text below the video while coding.

We hope you will enjoy following this course. Let’s make the web more accessible for everybody!

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