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Accessible design, the basics (version 2020)

As a designer, it is important that you present information in a way that is clear for the target group you are designing for. Of course, we also want to provide our users with a visual experience, but keep in mind that not everyone sees our beautiful design. For some people, a website will be read out loud. Who are these people and how do you make sure that what you design can be used by everyone?

This course is intended for anyone who has anything to do with designing a website or interface. It walks you through the basics of accessible design at a deeper level and why it is important that you, as a designer, take that into account.

The course tells you about:

  • Guidelines for accessible design and practical inclusive design principles.
  • How people read and how to account for this with typography.
  • Why colour shouldn’t have meaning and how to deal with colour in your design.
  • Animations, modals, Gestalt design, forms and the order of elements.

In this course, you get a global overview of what you need to take into account as a designer when you want to achieve an accessible design. Are you looking for something more advanced? Check out our masterclasses (coming soon).

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