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Accessible Design, the basics

As a designer, it is important that you present information in a way that is clear for the target group you are designing for. Of course, we also want to provide our users with a captivating visual experience, but keep in mind that not everyone sees our beautiful design. For some people, a website will be read out loud. Who are these people and how do you make sure that what you design can be used and understood by everyone?

This course is intended for anyone who has anything to do with designing a website or interface. It walks you through the basics of accessible design at a deeper level and why it is important that you, as a designer, take that into account.

Prepare to gain valuable insights on:

  • Guidelines for accessibility: Discover practical principles and guidelines that will help you guide your way and empower you to create accessible designs. 
  • Reading and typography: Explore how people read and learn to leverage typography to enhance readability.
  • The use of colour: Gain a deeper understanding in how colour affects accessibility and learn effective ways to ensure your design remains meaningful to everyone regardless of visual perception.
  • UX practices: Learn how different subjects like navigation, forms, gestalt design, responsive design and the order of elements and things like animation can be of influence.

By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive overview of the essential aspects to consider as a designer when designing for accessibility.

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