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Motor Impairment

People with a motor impairment have partial or total loss of function of body party. This is usually a limb, such as arms or legs. This can result in muscle weakness, poor stamina, lack of muscle control or total paralysis. Most of the times people with a motor impairment can’t use a mouse of keyboard very well (in case of impairment of the arms/hands). This can be the case with diseases like Parkinson or severe arthritis for example.

If you can’t use your arms or hands, it is a major impact on how you interact with the web because you can’t use a normal mouse or keyboard. There are alternative ways of navigating the web, like using dedicated assistive technology like a head wand, mouth stick or puff-and-sip switch.

If you want to take motor impairment into account, it is important to make sure everything works with keyboard only. This ensures that assistive technology can also work on the website that you’ve built.

Icon of motor impairment