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An infographic is a visual representation of information or data, such as a diagram, a graph, or a flow chart. Info in graphics. Providing information in a visual way can be most insightful for your readers. It can help people with dyslexia, readers with a low attention span. Actually it benefits everyone who can see. It’s a fast and efficient way to provide information.

A illustration of an infographic.

For blind and visually impaired readers it’s important the information is offered in text too.

The alternative text with an image is for a short description. Also, readers that zoom in on an image often only see blurred text.


  • Include the description of the image in the content itself, below the image for example.
  • Or make a separate page with the content of the infographic and add a link to that page below the image. This way, the blind or visually impaired visitor can actually read the text.

This is also very good for search engine optimisation, since content as text can be indexed; content on an image not (yet).

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