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Audio description

We all know captioning of a video is important. Subtitles are useful. But what if events happen in the video silently? Events that are important for the understanding of the content?

Events like “Someone enters the room and gives everyone a hug” can be added by audio description. Add this additional audio track to your video or movie. By doing so, you make all content understandable for visitors who are blind or visually impaired.

Check if the platform you use to publish your video content supports audio description. If not, you could create a separate video with audio descriptions.

Hear it in action?

The American Council of the Blind created a fun list of audio description examples. One great example is a clip of “The circle of life” from the Lion King!

Audio Description – The Circle of Life – The Lion King

The Royal National Institute of Blind People explains the impact it has on blind and visually impared people in this video about audio description.

And modern technology helps! You can now watch a movie and get the audio description from an app. And did you know Netflix added audio description to most of the Netflix Originals? Now you do!

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