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We all can feel a bit nervous or restless sometimes in our lives. But some people experience intense and persistent worries about everyday things. This can hinder them in using the web. And this is not a small group. 

In the US, 18% of all adults suffer from an anxiety disorder according to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America.

What can trigger anxiety in for example web forms? And how can you help?

  • When using a multi page form, tell the user clearly how many steps there are. Also let them know at which step they are at the moment.
  • Give the user a way to correct a form. Offer a previous link on multi step forms, this way your user can check if they filled out everything correctly.
  • Send an e-mail to your user as a proof their form has been received. Also include the filled out data from the user.
  • Time limits. Tick tock tick tock… This is stressful to anyone. “I need to hurry! Quickly, I need to fill this out fast!”. If it’s really necessary to use time limits, notify the user about the time limit. Also give them a way to extend the time.

Everyone benefits from this, not only people with an anxiety disorder. Make sure people know what they can expect, give them a way to correct errors and help them with time based tasks.

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