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Making the web accessible is a team effort. It’s about design, code, copy and the journey. We are happy to advise and create a customized training program tailored to your company’s needs.

Background information

Whether you’re a digital (marketing) agency or a large enterprise with an inhouse digital team, sooner or later your client or your manager will ask if ‘our website is fully accessible?’ Don’t wait, but make sure you tell your client or your manager that your website is fully accessible and that your team is trained, certified and doing nothing less than making the web accessible! 

Sooner or later? 

That depends on your commercial objectives or where your business is registered. A website that is accessible to everyone has a significantly higher conversion rate and user experience. Simply because more people are able to enjoy it. In addition, the quality of your website will increase significantly, code is more reliable, sustainable and Google’s search engines will like it much better.

If that’s not waking you up, the law might. It depends where your business is registered, but stricter laws for web accessibility are being created and implemented in many countries around the world.

Don’t wait for later, start sooner!

So, how does it work?

Step 1: Your team’s structure, experience and expertise

Let us know more about your team’s structure, experience and expertise. Your junior designer might have done a course at uni, while your senior developer has no experience with web accessibility at all. In a 30-minute call we explore your team’s current level and your company’s needs.

Step 2: Customized training program

Based on your team’s level and your company’s needs we create a customized training program per employee. We ensure the right balance, the right courses and the right fit for each employee as well as your company.

Step 3: Offer

Once you have reviewed the training program and we have finetuned it to make sure it meets your needs, you will receive a personalized offer in your mailbox.

Step 4: Start courses

An account will be created for each employee with access to the course or courses that are part of the training program. After completing the courses successfully every student will receive a certificate for each completed course.

Tell us more about your teams’ structure, ambitions and experiences! We’ll create a training program tailored to your teams’ needs and get back to you with our advice.

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