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Make accessibility a part of your marketing plan

In this blog we are going to talk about the marketing side of accessibility. Why is it important not to overlook this side as well? We will briefly explain this to you and give some examples to pay attention to.

Include every visitor

As a website owner, you don’t want to exclude people from using your website. You want your visitors, all of them, to stay on your website and to be able to find their way. Accessible content also helps your visitors to connect with your brand or business. In our last two blogs “Why every designer should design accessible” and “What does accessible code mean for the end user” we already talked about accessible design and accessible code. But how can you make sure your content is accessible too?

A positive user experience

An accessible website with accessible content ensures a positive overall user experience. A blind person, for example, must be able to scan through your website with a screen reader or braille display. Therefore it’s important that your content is well structured. Also for people without a disability, a well-structured text is a lot easier to read or to scan. What can you do to make your content more accessible? Here are just a few things:

  • Add alt text to your images
  • Structure your content by using headings and bullet lists for example
  • Enhance the readability by making your content easy to read
  • Use descriptive link texts
  • Make your CTA (Call To Action) buttons accessible

Easier to find

When you get used to writing accessible content, you will notice that your website will be easier to find by search engines. When you look at search engines as “blind users”, it actually makes sense to write your content as clear and structured as possible, right? Stand out from the crowd and follow our course “Writing Accessible Content for the Web”. Our course covers a wide range of topics concerning accessible content, which will definitely get you going!

Want to know more about accessibility?

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