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WordCamp Nederland 2022

The A11Y Collective team is attending WordCamp Nederland to spread the word to make the web accessible. We’ll be there with our big sister Level Level. Our team of WordPress and Accessibility enthusiasts are looking forward to meeting you! Will we see you there?


At WordCamp Nederland 2022 we’ll have some exciting and thought provoking activities, namely:

  1. Presentations
    We host not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 speeches during WordCamp Nederland. Rian, Christien, Niels and Mitchell will be live on stage sharing interesting and relevant stuff. Go check them out! 
  2. Super quick scan
    Does your website score well on accessibility? Sign up for our super quick scan and find out! We will also provide some quick wins and recommendations. 
  3. Accessibility quiz
    Do you have what it takes to make the web accessible? Test your knowledge with our 5-minute quiz and find out! Among the highest scores we raffle 1x The A11Y Collective essentials worth €700!

1. Presentations

  • How to best manage your project and client? (Christien van de Sande, September 15th, 11.00-11.45)
    “How do you keep a grip on your project, your client and the result? How do you involve your client in the project and how do you monitor your limits? And how can different project methodologies such as Scrum help with this?

    Christien explains step by step how to deliver a successful web project within time and budget.”
  • Workshop: Accessibility testing in the browser (Rian Rietveld – September 15th, 14.00-14.45)
    How accessible is your website? How do you get an impression of the state of accessibility of a web page if you are not an accessibility expert? There are several tools to test a web page in the browser, and one of them is your own keyboard.

    Let Rian talk you through some basic accessibility testing you can perform in the comfort of your own home or office. We will look at browser add-ons and manual tests. This talk is for everyone involved in a web project, you don’t have to be a developer or a designer, but we will look at tools for developers too.

    At the end of this talk you will know how to spot the most severe accessibility issues on a website.
  • Design systems, tokens, foundations, guides, identities, atomic design… I’m sorry, what? (Mitchell Leber – September 16th, 14.00-14.45)
    As a designer you come across different terms everywhere, all kinds of principles, mindsets, methodologies and different ways of creating design systems, ui kits or tool kits. How do you not get lost in all these ways about how to do it and how can you best make this your own?

    Spoiler alert: no one way is right!
  • Rest API Hacking – 6 years later (Niels de Blauw, September 16th, 10.00-10.45) 

    In 2016 Jeroen van Dijk gave a presentation about the WordPress REST API at WordCamp Netherlands. At the time still a plugin, and no core functionality. A lot has changed since then. Niels will look at how the use and possibilities of the REST API have developed and what is coming in the future.

2. Super quick scan

Sign-up for our super quick scan and we’ll let you know how accessible your website really is in no time flat. Step through your website with our crew to find out about your score, and implementation-ready quick wins and recommendations.

3. Quiz

How much do you know about accessibility? Whether you’re a designer, developer, product owner, webmaster or content creator, you have the power to make the web accessible. But are you ready to make an impact? Show your knowledge and participate in our 10-question quiz. 

Who will you see at WordCamp Nederland?

  • Rian Rietveld, senior accessibility consultant
  • Niels de Blaauw, CTO at Level Level
  • Christien van de Sande, COO at Level Level
  • Mitchell Leber, designer at Level Level
  • Caitlin de Rooij, junior accessibility consultant
  • Taeke Reijenga, founder of the A11Y Collective