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At WordCamp Europe 2022 we’ll organise some fun workshops, namely:

On Friday June 3rd 2022

  • WorkshopHow to use a site with keyboard only
    Did you know that a well-built website can be navigated and used with a keyboard only? Rian shows you, in this 20 minute hands-on workshop, how keyboard navigation works and how to test for it.
  • Workshop: Automated accessibility testing with axe DevTools
    The axe DevTools browser add-on is a useful tool to discover accessibility and HTML5 errors in a webpage. In this 20 minute hands-on workshop you will learn how to use axe DevTools and how to read the results.

On Saturday June 4th 2022

  • Workshop: Screen reader testing with Apple VoiceOver
    Have you ever listened to your website? In this 20 minute hands-on workshop Rian will show you how to use VoiceOver on the Mac and how to navigate and read your site. Bring a headset with you.
  • Crash course: What is WCAG and where can I find the right documentation
    The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The standard for web accessibility. What are they, what does A, AA or AAA mean, what is the difference between 2.0 and 2.1? In  20 minutes Rian will explain how WCAG is setup and where to find the right documentation.

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